E11 Versions

Version DOS
(or stand-alone)
Linux Windows
(or OS/2)
E11 V7.3 Demo free, 30-day limit on commercial use One of each disk/tape controller type, 256 MB maximum total size of all disks.
E11 V7.3 (full) US $2999 US $3999 US $4999 As above, plus: unlimited disk size, Massbus removable pack disks, PC multi-serial boards, Q/Unibus bus bridges.

The Windows native version was new in V5.0. Its current I/O capabilities are: terminal windows, serial and parallel ports, raw Ethernet, Telnet and TCP/UDP connections, raw SCSI disks and tapes, and bus adapters.

Quantity and dealer discounts are available. The second and later copies to be used by the same organization are 50% off the above prices. Or more specifically, whenever an organization buys a copy of E11, it gets a discount of 50% of the price of the highest version it already owns (so if your first copy was the full DOS version and your second is the Linux version, you pay $2499 instead of $3999). It is your responsibility to inform D Bit if you qualify for a 2nd/later copy discount. The above prices include telephone/email support and 12 months of free updates, which may be renewed annually for an extra charge. Existing customers may upgrade from DOS to Linux to Windows at any time by paying the current price difference. All pricing is subject to change without notice.

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